Have you or someone you love been diagnosed and treated for Schizophrenia? Is the prescribed and current Schizophrenia treatment not providing enough symptom relief? If so, you or someone you love may qualify for a paid research study at Core Clinical Research.

Core Clinical Research is currently conducting numerous research studies looking at investigational medications for adults with a previous diagnosis of Schizophrenia who are currently taking a medication for their symptoms but experiencing only minimal medication effectiveness. To qualify for this no cost study treatment option, participants must meet the following study entry criteria:

  • Participants must be between the ages of 18 to 65
  • Must have a previous diagnosis of Schizophrenia and must be currently taking a medication for their symptoms
  • Must be currently experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia, that may include but are not limited to:
    • Audio or Visual Hallucinations
    • Lack of Emotional Response
    • Increased Isolation or Distrust of Others
    • Distorted Sense of Reality
    • Altered or Disorganized Thinking
    • Inappropriate Reactions
    • Strong Belief in Delusions
    • Disorganized Speech
    • Poor Self Care
    • Loss of Motivation and Judgment
  • Participants must have a peer or family member whom can attend several office visits, upon treatment with study medication, peers or family members will be compensated individually for travel and clinic time
  • Participants must be treated as outpatient participants and not hospitalized in the last 30 days

If you are an adult whom is currently taking an anti-psychotic medication and you have had mild to moderate improvement in your schizophrenia symptoms, you may qualify for a no-cost research study for the treatment of schizophrenia.

Study treatment options may vary from study medications are that currently already being prescribed to adults in the U.S., to study medications that are only being used for the treatment of other indications, in other countries around the world, or new therapies that have not yet been FDA approved.

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