Prodromal or Mild Alzheimer’s Disease

Core Clinical Research is looking for adults with early to mild Alzheimer’s Disease to participate in an Alzheimer’s Disease clinical trial. Early detection and intervention are important factors in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease. To find out more about this paid investigational medication research study, or learn about other study treatment options, please contact Core Clinical Research to see if you may qualify.

Alzheimer’s Disease, a type of neurological disorder that causes problems with thinking, memory, and behaviors, currently affects more than five million people in the United States. It is ranked as the sixth leading cause of death. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with, or suspect, Mild or Early Alzheimer’s Disease you may qualify for an investigational treatment. To date, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s Disease, however there are medication options to treat symptoms. Research studies in Early to Mild Alzheimer’s Disease aim to find treatments that may suppress or stop the development of the disease before moderate to severe symptoms become present.

Signs of Early or Mild Alzheimer’s Disease to consider include, but are not limited to:

  • Losing or misplacing objects on a regular basis
  • Forgetting the name of places, people, or things
  • Changes in behaviors or personality, like unwarranted agitation, withdrawal or distrust
  • Becoming less flexible or turning down opportunity to try new things
  • Loss of sleep or loss of sleep quality
  • Problem with speech or language, such as word finding difficulty
  • Trouble performing spatial tasks, such as judging distances
  • Trouble remembering recent conversations or activities
  • Obsessive, repetitive, or impulsive behaviors that are uncharacteristic

If you or a loved one worry that memory loss might be something bigger, like Mild or Early Alzheimer’s Disease, you may qualify for a full no-cost evaluation for a clinical trial.

Some key entry criteria to consider for potential study participants are:

  • Participants must have a peer or family member that can attend several study visits over the course of the clinical trial, peers or family member will be individually compensated for their travel time
  • Participants must be able to have an MRI and PET scan, at no cost to them, for diagnostic purposes
  • Participants must be 50 to 90 years old
  • Participants must be experiencing cognitive decline or cognitive difficulties

If you would like to receive a full no cost evaluation, please contact Core Clinical Research. Upon evaluation you may be presented with one or several study treatment options. Participation in a clinical trial is 100% voluntary and at your discretion. There is no cost to participate and you will be compensated for your travel and research study time. Investigational medications and care will be provided by Core Clinical Research at no cost.

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