Adolescent Schizophrenia

Core Clinical Research is conducting a clinical research study for children and adolescents whom have a diagnosis of, and have been treated for, childhood schizophrenia. If your child is being treated, or has been treated for childhood Schizophrenia, and is between the ages of 13 and 17, they may qualify for a Child and Adolescent Schizophrenia research study.

If you would like to receive a full no cost evaluation from a board-certified psychiatrist, please contact Core Clinical Research. Upon evaluation you and your child may be presented with one or several study treatment options. Participation in a clinical trial is 100% voluntary and at your discretion.

Childhood schizophrenia, although rare, is a severe mental health disorder characterized by abnormal thoughts and disturbed behaviors. Most cases of schizophrenia present in early adulthood but in other instances symptoms can present in the younger range of ages. Childhood schizophrenia manifests in the same way as adult schizophrenia, just at a younger age. While the exact causes of Schizophrenia are unknown, influences that may be considered are environmental factors, genetic factors, stressors or the presence of some organic or physical illness.

Some key symptoms to consider when thinking about childhood schizophrenia are:

  • Distorted and Irrational Thinking
  • Altered State of Reality
  • Visual Hallucinations
  • Auditory Hallucinations
  • Paranoia and Suspicion
  • Lack of Emotional Response
  • Disorganized Thinking
  • Inappropriate Reactions

Clinical research doctors and board-certified psychiatrists, whom specialize in the treatment of children, are looking to help facilitate more treatment options for this rare and severe mental health condition. If you would like to learn more about our ongoing study treatment options, please contact Core Clinical Research.

Study treatment options may vary from study medications that are currently already being prescribed to children in the U.S., to study medications that are currently only FDA approved for adults, to study medications that are only being used for the treatment of other indications or in other countries around the world.

If you have a child that has been diagnosed with Adolescent Schizophrenia, please contact Core Clinical Research to learn more about some of our medication research study options.

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