Current Depression Treatment Just Not Enough?

More than 16 million adults in the U.S. have depression. While the majority of people who seek treatment experience improvement, one-third struggle to find lasting relief. Treatment-resistant depression is a major depression type and a nightmare for those who understand the eternal hopelessness it can bring. If your current depression treatments are just not enough, hope and progress are being made through awareness and clinical research studies.

Treatment-Resistant Depression

Treatment-resistant depression (TRD) is a depression that has failed to respond to at least two different antidepressant medications. This means you have taken them as prescribed, but still aren’t feeling better. There are speculations around what causes TRD, but the reality is it can range on a person’s biology, or something as simple as the wearing-off effect that sometimes happens with medication.

TRD can be misdiagnosed due to missed or improper doses, other medication interactions, and co-morbid health conditions. So, your doctor must rule these out prior as well. Treating TRD requires patience as your doctor and you work together to find the right option or combination approach needed. Ketamine, micro-dosing, Botox, and electroconvulsive therapy are some of the embraced methods for treating TRD.

Get Involved this October

October is bursting with awareness events that bring attention and education to end the stigma around mental illness so sufferers can get the help needed and feel supported by their community. These events also raise much-needed research funds to help improve options for mental health conditions like treatment-resistant depression. Raise your voice and get involved in one or more of the following events:

Another way to get involved is to participate in clinical research studies. Research studies and the volunteers who participate in them make improvements to managing conditions like TRD possible. Every single treatment available today is because of the volunteers that came before us with the desire to advance medicine for mental health conditions.

Depression, man with head down

If you have treatment-resistant depression, clinical research studies may be an option. To learn more about enrolling studies for TRD here at Core Clinical Research, call (425) 443-9551, or visit our website.





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